Fitness - Top 10 Rounds Intermediate


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20 minutes in two 10 minute modules


English (US)

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Professor Lincoln Cavalcante majored in Physical Education attending Exercise Physiology extension courses. He is ranked among the ten most outstanding personal trainers in Brazil per GQ Magazine, specialized in the subject.

Currently, Cavalcante is a personal trainer for the country’s most famous celebrities with thirteen years of experience in this segment of fitness and wellness. Lincoln has worked and trained for 25 years in martial arts, his most outstanding titles being the South American Champion in 2003, the Brazilian Champion in 1996, 2003 and 2006 and finally the World Kickboxing Champion in 2009.

Lincoln Cavalcante has single-handedly crafted for RealKombat a program of intense physical preparation called TOP 10 ROUNDS, that consists of specific modules for each stage in which the subscriber is in, divided into three levels; BASIC, INTERMEDIATE AND PROFESSIONAL.

The three modules are of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and follow the Tabata protocol. The training takes 20 minutes with passive and active recovery techniques during the series and, according to the instructions contained in each module will implement an excellent physical conditioning for the subscriber, regardless of their current stage. For MMA practitioners, it was especially developed the PROFESSIONAL module that requires great intensity, even for the most physically fit professionals.