Muay Thai

Master Phillip Lima prepared for RealKombat 3 modules; basic, intermediate and advanced concepts of Muay Thai. All modules focusing on MMA fighting.

Muay Thai


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69 minutes  52 sec


English (US)

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Professor Phillip Lima has prepared for RealKombat a video with basic, intermediate and advanced notions of Muay Thai, taking aim at practicing in MMA fights.

For that, he put into practice his M.A’s experience in physical education from UGF, Master of Muay Thai with more than 30 years dedicated experience, Black Belts in Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, and Capoeira.

In addition, Phillip Lima coaches the MMA TFT team along with Otávio Duarte, both are responsible for the training and coaching of several top fighters such as Alex Cowboy, Thiago Marreta, Luiz Henrique KLB, Bruno Korea, amongst others during MMA events such as the UFC.

He is also the producer of the WOCKS event and business partner of the Energizer Sports Academy, keeping full and complete dedication to the activities focused on the world of MMA fights.