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Here you can find the most important information about RealKombat in one place. The terms of use and privacy policy are subject to the conditions you agree to when registering with RealKombat. This helps us to maintain a good quality for subscribers.



The martial arts modules teach the techniques used in MMA for the effectiveness of performance in the fights. The Fitness is divided into 3 modules of high intensity considering the physical fitness of each subscriber, from beginner to professional fighter.

It depends on the module and your aptitude. For example, martial arts modules demonstrate the basic and advanced teachings used in MMA. The fitness module is divided into three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Professional. If you are already a fighter and have good physical training, the Professional module is the one for you , otherwise use the other modules.

Wait for the processing of your purchase. This may take a few days depending on the payment method. If it takes more than 5 days, please contact us at

To cancel your subscription simply default on the payment. It does not auto-complete.

Financial sector

Payments for our subscription are made by PayPal or by PagSeguro. If you choose to pay via PayPal you can use:

  • National and International credit cards
  • American Express
  • hiper
  • hiperCard
  • Elo

For the PagSeguro choice you can use:

  • Credit Cards – installments up to 18 X
  • Debit Card Bank
  • Cash Transfer
  • Transfers between PagSeguro accounts
  • Money Order

This varies depending on your form of payment. Normally, for payments made via credit card, it takes a day to clear the payment and the bank to authorize it.

If you have made a payment and it takes  over 5 days to clear, please contact us.

Sales are final. In exceptional cases of module replacement there will be no loss to the subscriber. If for reasons of force majeure there is cancellation of the module, you will have at least three months’ notice.


Check the correct email. If it is ok, try resetting your password

You can use RealKombat on both a computer and on mobile devices. RealKombat supports the latest versions of browsers:

If you’re using an older browser and have problems, please update your browser.

To access RealKombat you need a reliable internet connection and a computer with at least 2gb of RAM

You will soon be able to download RealKombat on your smartphone. It will be compatible with iPhone and iPad (iOS 8.0+) and Android 4.0+

First make sure everything is ok with your connection. You can do this by trying to access any page through your smartphone or desktop browser. Another option is you try to upload a video to YouTube. If your connection is good and the video still keeps freezing, contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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